» An Evening of Clairvoyance

An Evening of Clairvoyance

Craig Morris – 17th March 2020

Craig started his journey with spirit when his granddad passed over in 2009, whilst working as cabin crew for an airline. Craig’s dream career was to fly as a pilot but it seemed that the spirit world had a different plan for Craig. 

Having an interest in mediumship and going to see mediums Craig continued what he would call a “normal” life working and enjoying his hobbies such a teaching karate as he has been for over 10 years, going out & socialising with friends. Everything was going smoothly, however that was all to change. 


Craig booked to see a medium after an incident one night at home when he first became aware of the presence of his Nan. The medium told Craig that one day he would become a medium himself. A few months later Craig visited Lorraine the medium again. She told him that he would be moving to London and that there is a college for mediums and psychics in the next town to his planned location. This move to London did not progress at this time and it wasn’t until some time later that the London college opened another venue in Stafford not far from Craig’s’ home town. He attended a tester course and was hooked on his path to mediumship. Continuing his development in circle every week Craig began offering private sittings, then was invited to work in spiritualist churches locally on the platform. 


Development was a huge part of my spiritual work and still is to this day. Craig is very much believes that we never stop learning. Over the years of taking part in various workshops, seminars and courses Craig was invited to a closed circle run by Janette Abbott. During the years Craig sat with Janette he also took part on her workshops along with her husband Tim Abbott. Each and every workshop was a new challenge for Craig to push the boundaries of his mediumship and he has so much gratitude and thanks to both Tim and Janette for all their time and hard work in helping Craig during his time with them. “If it wasn’t for Tim & Janette I don’t believe I would be the medium I am today, thank you” 


The spirit world often has plans for us here in the ‘living’ world, and as Craig made the decision to leave his day job and devote all his time, training and attention to his journey as a medium, he booked tickets to see Derek Acorah and The Rev. Colin Fry on the platform in a theatre some considerable distance from home. After the show he stayed behind and met the two mediums. During the conversations that followed, The Late Great Rev. Colin Fry invited Craig to come with him and work along side him on the platform on his 6ixth Sense Celebration Tour.


Craig had the privilege of working with Colin on tour in various places around the UK and abroad including Crewe, Gibraltar, Cornwall, Spain, Weston-Super-Mare, Cannock, Yeovil plus many more. Craig continues his work in memory of his friend, colleague and mentor The Rev. Colin Fry with his demonstrations of mediumship, bringing you not just the evidence that your loved ones are around but the comfort and presence from those that have passed on to the spirit world 

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